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“SooShee” Kimono Top!

Asian inspired brocade wrapped into a kimono top with sculpted wide sleeves, draped bottom, and optional “obi” belt.  Available in 5 colors for 150L each, or as a fatpack for a discount!


Delicious Newness @ *FakE*

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Jerzey Tunic-200L-mod/copy/no trans
So, I moved away from home and felt the need to give my home state a better tribute then that HORRIBLE show on MTV.  The “Jerzey Tunic” is a fun, bright tunic length top with a circle pattern and a sculpted hood that can be worn up or down.  Great over tights (*cough* especially *FakE* Sparkle Tights) or alone!  Available in 5 colors.
Spring Dreams Cuff-50L each-mod/copy/trans
I admit it, I’m already looking forward to spring!  This little cuff features bright patchwork flowers and a bitty butterfly on a velvet background with leather edging.  Its really cute!  Available in 6 colors!
Look around the expanded store for the “NEW” signs to find all our delicious newness.
Mmmm newness…delicious delicious newness.

Newness @ *FakE*

December 12, 2009 - Leave a Response

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There’s much neweness at *FakE*!

“Ruffle Skirt”-150L-mod/copy/notrans

The name is pretty simple, and as it implies, this skirt has plenty of satiny ruffles.  However, with a black, high-waisted overskirt that dips down in the back, the actual skirt itself isn’t!  Sculpted ruffles, sculpted skirt, shimmery fabric peeking from under dark fabric.  What more could a girl want?  Available in 7 colors.

“Halfbreed Jeans”-150L-mod/copy/notrans

Inspired by the pants Gabriel wears at the end of the movie Constantine, these jeans have ample cutouts placed so that the jeans can be worn alone, or with pretty tights underneath for a splash of color.  Available in only black or white to make the most of the strategic cutouts.

“Sparkle Tights”-100L for 8 colors-mod/copy/notrans

Bright sparkly tights to wear with anything, but obviously look especially good with the Halfbreed jeans!

Also, don’t forget to check under the Christmas tree for freebs!

Big New Release @ *FakE*

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Alium Ad

Alium Skirt-150L-mod/copy/notrans

The Alium Skirt is a bubbly skirt made of shimmery fabric and a sash belt that changes to 7 different colors!

Alium Skirt-Gold CutoutAlium Skirt-Green CutoutAlium Skirt-Pink CutoutAlium Skirt-Purple CutoutAlium Skirt-Silver CutoutAlium Skirt-Teal Cutout

Alium Top-100L-mod/copy/notrans

The Alium Top is a tank top with matching fabric to the Alium skirt.

Alium Top-Gold CutoutAlium Top-Green CutoutAlium Top-Pink CutoutAlium Top-Purple CutoutAlium Top-Silver CutoutAlium Top-Teal Cutout

Shorty Hoodie-150L-mod/copy/notrans

The Shorty Hoodie is just what it says!  A cropped, open hoodie with zipper, available in the same colors that the Alium belt changes to, with silvery accent printing.

Shorty Hoodie-Black CutoutShorty Hoodie-Blue CutoutShorty Hoodie-Green CutoutShorty Hoodie-Pink CutoutShorty Hoodie-Purple CutoutShorty Hoodie-Red CutoutShorty Hoodie-Teal Cutout

Lastly, but admittedly my fave, is the Alium-Invader set.  For just 300L, get an Alium skirt, top, and shorty hoodie, all with a pattern inspired by the classic video game, “Space Invaders”!  Just purchase it straight from the mannequin display!




Derby Doll @ *FakE*

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New from *FakE*, a retro, roller derby inspired dress.  Two-tone, contrasty, button-down dress with sculpted prim collar and skirt prim.  Available in 6 colors for 200L each.

Derby Halloween(Shown here in the Halloween Special Edition which you can win by checking the candy cauldron at the door!)

Derby Cutout-BlueDerby Cutout-GreenDerby Cutout-PinkDerby Cutout-PurpleDerby Cutout-RedDerby Cutout-White

New @ *FakE*

October 6, 2009 - Leave a Response

Two new releases today at *FakE*, one serious one, and one that’s just purely silly fun-ness.

“Faded” is a longsleeve tunic dress made of tshirt material and bleach spotted denim, with a deep scoop collar and an even deeper scooped back.  Available in 6 colors, just hang a left inside the store and it’s on the front wall.

Faded Ad Faded-Black CutoutFaded-Blue CutoutFaded-Copper CutoutFaded-Green CutoutFaded-Purple CutoutFaded-Red Cutout

“Hoof Boots of Amazing” – Yeah yeah, I know, silly name, but it’s what I’ve been calling them while I made them.  These sculpted hoof boots are made of silly, swirly, bright fur with sparkley vinyl trim, a glowing horseshoe, and cute anklet with stars and moons.  Also available in 6 colors, but if you poke around in the candy cauldron by the door, you might find a special Halloween version!

Hoof boot-BlueHoof boot-GreenHoof boot-OrangeHoof boot-PinkHoof boot-RedHoof boot-Yellow

Welcome to *FakE*

September 6, 2009 - 4 Responses

Welcome to *FakE*, the new brand brought to you by long time creators in SL, Dream Resistance and Sabina Takakura.  So, without further adieu…