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New @ *FakE*
May 24, 2010

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Left in a daze by summer days, Dayz is a perfect, light weight summer dress for in SL.  The tube top is smocked to cling, while the skirt has an uneven, handkerchief type cut.  Available in 5 soft colored plaids, as well as a more intense RFL color.  Stop by and check out our new store and great recent releases!

RFL Color!

Other Colors!


Clothing Fair Teasers from *FakE*
March 11, 2010

So, I forgot to start this earlier, but today and tomorrow I’ll be posting ad shots for new items that will be released at the RFL Clothing Fair, March 13-21, on the New Delhi sim (sharing a stall with Fantasia).

Inara Medievalism Dress-Taking some concepts from the medieval dresses I usually make, this is a short minidress with brocaded corset details and an off-the-shoulder neckline.  Available in 6 colors, only at the Clothing Fair.

Haida Tunic Top-If anyone took a close look at the Vancouver medals, the iconic artwork of the northwest coast natives was etched into them.  Taking a cue from this, these tunic length tanks feature similar artwork graphics.  Available in 5 animal designs.

Remember, this is all going to be released at the Clothing Fair, so save the date!

New at *FakE*
February 1, 2010

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“SooShee” Kimono Top!

Asian inspired brocade wrapped into a kimono top with sculpted wide sleeves, draped bottom, and optional “obi” belt.  Available in 5 colors for 150L each, or as a fatpack for a discount!

Big New Release @ *FakE*
November 7, 2009

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Alium Ad

Alium Skirt-150L-mod/copy/notrans

The Alium Skirt is a bubbly skirt made of shimmery fabric and a sash belt that changes to 7 different colors!

Alium Skirt-Gold CutoutAlium Skirt-Green CutoutAlium Skirt-Pink CutoutAlium Skirt-Purple CutoutAlium Skirt-Silver CutoutAlium Skirt-Teal Cutout

Alium Top-100L-mod/copy/notrans

The Alium Top is a tank top with matching fabric to the Alium skirt.

Alium Top-Gold CutoutAlium Top-Green CutoutAlium Top-Pink CutoutAlium Top-Purple CutoutAlium Top-Silver CutoutAlium Top-Teal Cutout

Shorty Hoodie-150L-mod/copy/notrans

The Shorty Hoodie is just what it says!  A cropped, open hoodie with zipper, available in the same colors that the Alium belt changes to, with silvery accent printing.

Shorty Hoodie-Black CutoutShorty Hoodie-Blue CutoutShorty Hoodie-Green CutoutShorty Hoodie-Pink CutoutShorty Hoodie-Purple CutoutShorty Hoodie-Red CutoutShorty Hoodie-Teal Cutout

Lastly, but admittedly my fave, is the Alium-Invader set.  For just 300L, get an Alium skirt, top, and shorty hoodie, all with a pattern inspired by the classic video game, “Space Invaders”!  Just purchase it straight from the mannequin display!




Derby Doll @ *FakE*
October 21, 2009

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New from *FakE*, a retro, roller derby inspired dress.  Two-tone, contrasty, button-down dress with sculpted prim collar and skirt prim.  Available in 6 colors for 200L each.

Derby Halloween(Shown here in the Halloween Special Edition which you can win by checking the candy cauldron at the door!)

Derby Cutout-BlueDerby Cutout-GreenDerby Cutout-PinkDerby Cutout-PurpleDerby Cutout-RedDerby Cutout-White

New @ *FakE*
October 6, 2009

Two new releases today at *FakE*, one serious one, and one that’s just purely silly fun-ness.

“Faded” is a longsleeve tunic dress made of tshirt material and bleach spotted denim, with a deep scoop collar and an even deeper scooped back.  Available in 6 colors, just hang a left inside the store and it’s on the front wall.

Faded Ad Faded-Black CutoutFaded-Blue CutoutFaded-Copper CutoutFaded-Green CutoutFaded-Purple CutoutFaded-Red Cutout

“Hoof Boots of Amazing” – Yeah yeah, I know, silly name, but it’s what I’ve been calling them while I made them.  These sculpted hoof boots are made of silly, swirly, bright fur with sparkley vinyl trim, a glowing horseshoe, and cute anklet with stars and moons.  Also available in 6 colors, but if you poke around in the candy cauldron by the door, you might find a special Halloween version!

Hoof boot-BlueHoof boot-GreenHoof boot-OrangeHoof boot-PinkHoof boot-RedHoof boot-Yellow

Welcome to *FakE*
September 6, 2009

Welcome to *FakE*, the new brand brought to you by long time creators in SL, Dream Resistance and Sabina Takakura.  So, without further adieu…