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New from FakE!
Visit Operation Squeegee!
Usually, I’d include a link to *FakE* but this week, our newness is at Operation Squeegee!  Operation Squeegee is a fundraising drive for the World Wildlife Federation, to aid in the cleanup efforts for the Gulf Oil Spill.  This is a great cause, helping the wildlife of the delicate gulf marsh systems, and hey, new, exclusive loot is good too right?  Speaking of…ON WITH THE LOOT!  (For a good cause of course)

Oily Water Broomstick Skirt!
This broomstick skirt is textured with the signature wrinkles for the style, with a smocked top edge for a close fit.  The fabric itself is a soft blue/green gradient, but, what makes this special for Operation Squeegee?  Drips and goops of opalescent black oil coming up from the hemline.  Ever seen Ferngully?  Think…Tim Curry got ahold of this skirt.

Oily Water Kini!
Its a kini.  I mean…a bikini.  Made to match the broomstick skirt (and it looks lovely together by the way), it features the same fabric, same gradient, and same oily accents.

Oily Heels!
My “Hollywood Wingtips” are some of my favorite creations.  So, what better to make into a special edition?  These platform heels feature the popular wingtip design, but in this version, the base is a blue/green, while the black, well its made with the same oil texture used on the skirt and kini.

Slick Tattoo Layer!
This only works with Viewer 2 or any of the third party viewers that now support tattoo layers (*cough*Emeraldbeta*cough*)  The tattoo features eye makeup that should really be worn with a bare, or nearly bare, base skin.  Heavy black liner, smokey shadow in green and a touch of gold gives the makeup an oily tinge, and on one eye, oily tears run down the cheek.  This comes in two versions.  One, is just oily polished fingernails.  The other, has thick oil clinging in runny layers up the arms and legs.

Turtle Cuff!
A last minute edition to the group, but one I’m kinda fond of myself!  I am a huge fan of turtles, especially sea turtles.  Several species of endangered sea turtles are being effected by the oil spill, so what better symbol for this effort then a turtle.  On this cuff, the metal takes on an oily texture to match the oil on all the other pieces, while a tribal styled cut-out in the shape of a sea turtle exposes a clear, blue/green animated water texture.  Yes, you heard right.  The water on this bracelet actually flows.

Thats it from me folks!  But I’m not the only vendor at this event, so please!  Take the SLURL, enjoy the events planned, shop, and know your money is going to a great cause!

Visit Operation Squeegee!


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