*FakE* at Clothing Fair!

Visit *FakE* at the Clothing Fair

Woohoo! The Relay for Life Clothing Fair is officially open! Yes yes, I know, the sims are full. KEEP TRYING! *laughs* There’s a ton of amazing stuff on offer this year, 9 sims, 150 designers, each with at least 4 items where the profits go directly to the Relay for Life. For those of you who don’t know, the RFL is the biggest fundraising drive of the American Cancer Society, though much of the money goes to international cancer societies! Knowing almost everyone has been effected by cancer in some way, please make a trip and loose your lindens in support of a great great cause.

Fantasia New Releases!
“Nightfall”-Lace brocaded gown with an obi-style sash- Image
RFL Color- Image

“Lupa”-A roman woman’s toga- Image
RFL Skirt Pack- Image

“Banshee”-Feather and bead necklace and stitched loincloth- Image

*FakE* New Releases! (Sabi and my mainstream store)
“Sari Top”-One sleeved wrapped sari style top- Image

“Sari Skirt”-Two tiered brocade and linen skirt- Image
RFL Color- Image

“Inara” Dress-Off the shoulder mini-dress with brocade corset styling- Image
RFL 3 Pack- Image

“Haida” Tunic Tank-Tank top with native Haida artwork- Image


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