Clothing Fair Teasers from *FakE*

So, I forgot to start this earlier, but today and tomorrow I’ll be posting ad shots for new items that will be released at the RFL Clothing Fair, March 13-21, on the New Delhi sim (sharing a stall with Fantasia).

Inara Medievalism Dress-Taking some concepts from the medieval dresses I usually make, this is a short minidress with brocaded corset details and an off-the-shoulder neckline.  Available in 6 colors, only at the Clothing Fair.

Haida Tunic Top-If anyone took a close look at the Vancouver medals, the iconic artwork of the northwest coast natives was etched into them.  Taking a cue from this, these tunic length tanks feature similar artwork graphics.  Available in 5 animal designs.

Remember, this is all going to be released at the Clothing Fair, so save the date!


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