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There’s much neweness at *FakE*!

“Ruffle Skirt”-150L-mod/copy/notrans

The name is pretty simple, and as it implies, this skirt has plenty of satiny ruffles.  However, with a black, high-waisted overskirt that dips down in the back, the actual skirt itself isn’t!  Sculpted ruffles, sculpted skirt, shimmery fabric peeking from under dark fabric.  What more could a girl want?  Available in 7 colors.

“Halfbreed Jeans”-150L-mod/copy/notrans

Inspired by the pants Gabriel wears at the end of the movie Constantine, these jeans have ample cutouts placed so that the jeans can be worn alone, or with pretty tights underneath for a splash of color.  Available in only black or white to make the most of the strategic cutouts.

“Sparkle Tights”-100L for 8 colors-mod/copy/notrans

Bright sparkly tights to wear with anything, but obviously look especially good with the Halfbreed jeans!

Also, don’t forget to check under the Christmas tree for freebs!


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