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Alium Ad

Alium Skirt-150L-mod/copy/notrans

The Alium Skirt is a bubbly skirt made of shimmery fabric and a sash belt that changes to 7 different colors!

Alium Skirt-Gold CutoutAlium Skirt-Green CutoutAlium Skirt-Pink CutoutAlium Skirt-Purple CutoutAlium Skirt-Silver CutoutAlium Skirt-Teal Cutout

Alium Top-100L-mod/copy/notrans

The Alium Top is a tank top with matching fabric to the Alium skirt.

Alium Top-Gold CutoutAlium Top-Green CutoutAlium Top-Pink CutoutAlium Top-Purple CutoutAlium Top-Silver CutoutAlium Top-Teal Cutout

Shorty Hoodie-150L-mod/copy/notrans

The Shorty Hoodie is just what it says!  A cropped, open hoodie with zipper, available in the same colors that the Alium belt changes to, with silvery accent printing.

Shorty Hoodie-Black CutoutShorty Hoodie-Blue CutoutShorty Hoodie-Green CutoutShorty Hoodie-Pink CutoutShorty Hoodie-Purple CutoutShorty Hoodie-Red CutoutShorty Hoodie-Teal Cutout

Lastly, but admittedly my fave, is the Alium-Invader set.  For just 300L, get an Alium skirt, top, and shorty hoodie, all with a pattern inspired by the classic video game, “Space Invaders”!  Just purchase it straight from the mannequin display!





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