New @ *FakE*

Two new releases today at *FakE*, one serious one, and one that’s just purely silly fun-ness.

“Faded” is a longsleeve tunic dress made of tshirt material and bleach spotted denim, with a deep scoop collar and an even deeper scooped back.  Available in 6 colors, just hang a left inside the store and it’s on the front wall.

Faded Ad Faded-Black CutoutFaded-Blue CutoutFaded-Copper CutoutFaded-Green CutoutFaded-Purple CutoutFaded-Red Cutout

“Hoof Boots of Amazing” – Yeah yeah, I know, silly name, but it’s what I’ve been calling them while I made them.  These sculpted hoof boots are made of silly, swirly, bright fur with sparkley vinyl trim, a glowing horseshoe, and cute anklet with stars and moons.  Also available in 6 colors, but if you poke around in the candy cauldron by the door, you might find a special Halloween version!

Hoof boot-BlueHoof boot-GreenHoof boot-OrangeHoof boot-PinkHoof boot-RedHoof boot-Yellow


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