Welcome to *FakE*

Welcome to *FakE*, the new brand brought to you by long time creators in SL, Dream Resistance and Sabina Takakura.  So, without further adieu…


4 Responses

  1. Cute stuff!

  2. *waves*

    • ❤ Willis

  3. […] First up are some goodies from a new store.   *FakE*.  It’s the dreamchild of Dream Resistance and Sabina Takakura and it’s not techinically new, but the store was more RP clothing before… but they’ve branched ouuuuuut.  I do NOT have an SLURL, i’m sorry but this heap won’t take me logging in again for at least another hour, I could fry and egg on it.. but they both have plurk lines (their names!) and there is a blog here. […]

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